Weight Loss

Weight Loss Coaching

A Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program

The Method-

  • Minimize carbohydrate and sugar intake to promote fat loss
  • Maintain muscle mass with high quality proteins
  • One-on-one weight-loss coaching
  • Education for smarter lifestyle choices to create long-lasting results
  • Reduce the risk for common health problems related to obesity such as-
     high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, stroke
  • Lose 2-7 lbs. per week without risking your health with medication or surgery

Our Weight-Loss Food-

Our products have high biological value proteins derived from non-GMO sources. We offer six different protein options, allowing clients with food sensitivities to dairy and soy, or vegetarians, to participate in the program.  Our food has almost two dozen options that are certified gluten-free.  Our products are deliciously satisfying and include shakes, juices, bars, soups, pancakes, oatmeal, rotini and more.


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