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Success Stories...

I started going to Excelsior Chiropractic about 10 years ago.  At the time I had chronic back pain for about 5 years.  With Dr. Marc Hope's precise adjustments and helpful advice on lifestyle changes I was able to not be in constant pain.  Dr. Hope listens to you with great sensitivity and his insights are invaluable.  Since then I continue to go for preventative maintenance adjustments to keep my body in the right shape to enjoy my life to the fullest.  Excelsior Chiropractic has since expanded with two more doctors, Dr. Mitch and Dr. Mallori, both are extremely skilled at handling all spinal issues.  I have recommended Excelsior Chiropractic to many of my friends and neighbors and they have all been happy with their results.  I would highly recommend any of the doctors at Excelsior Chiropractic!

Linda Z.

I have had a long history of lower back and neck injuries going back 30 years.  Four years ago, a car I was working on fell off the jack crushing my shoulders and caused disc issues in my neck.  I was unable to sleep because of the pain, and I became concerned that I would not be able to continue down my life's path as a professional pianist.  I had constant pain and numbness down my arms and into my hands.  Excelsior Chiropractic brought healing into my life.  The quality of care and adjustments are unsurpassed in my experience.  I am now symptom free in a way that is nothing short of miraculous.  I can now sleep, ride a bike, throw balls to my son, and play the piano.  Life is good thanks to Excelsior Chiropractic!!

Charles S.


We are extremely grateful for the care we've received from Excelsior Chiropractic. It's helped our family heal from injuries as well as 2 pregnancies and health maintenance. It's always a joy to come in for our appointment because we are treated so well not only by the doctors but the staff as well. We've recommended Excelsior Chiropractic to our family and friends and will continue to do so because we firmly believe in the health benefits of chiropractic care and in the gracious way we've been treated at the clinic. The care that we've received has surely affected our health in many positive ways.

Erin and Erik A.

For many, many years I had struggled with back and right leg/hip pain.  I had adjustments from several chiropractors and had physical therapy with many therapists.  One of the chiropractors I was getting treatment from was an instructor at the chiropractic school in Bloomington, so I thought I had the best of the best.  Unfortunately none of the treatment seemed to be helping my pain.  Finally, I discovered Excelsior Chiropractic.  There are no words to express how Excelsior Chiropractic has helped me.  Finally, after years of back pain and eliminating exercise, Excelsior Chiropractic has given me my life back.

It is an absolute joy to go to my appointment and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  Both of the doctors are so cordial, I feel like I'm visiting family when I go there.  Excelsior Chiropractic listens to you, gets to the heart of the problem, and they truly want to the fix the problem, unlike all of my other doctors.  I wish I knew everyone that needed a chiropractor so I could refer them to Excelsior Chiropractic.

Thank you Excelsior Chiropractic for caring about people's health!!!

Donna R.




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